Get Involve

Emmanuel Earth Ministries is Constantly pushing the frontier of Kingdom agenda, this is to facilitate the ultimate purpose of Soul Winning, for the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, i like to encourage you to get involved in our diverse programs, that are always on going, position to realising the ultimate goal.

Meanwhile, some of the programs to get involved with are

FEEDING THE HOMELESS-This is a weekly program geared toward ensuring that the homeless amongst us is feed, especially in the Armley area of leeds and it environs.

PRISON VISIT-Due to our proximity to the Armley prison, the only Prison in west yorkshire, we constantly visit the prison and connect with the prisoners with the Word of God and position our selves to assist them to effectively integrate after there release.

VISITING THE SICK-We at EMMANUEL EARTH MINISTRIES, have a deep desire to see the sick heal/well and as such we embark on a regular visit to hospital such as leeds general infirmary and St. James Hospital here in leeds, to identify with the pains of the sick and Pray with them.

SOUL WINNING-The ultimate agenda of EMMANUEL EARTH MINISTRIES, is to win souls for GOD. Thus, on a weekly bases we reach out to the general public, with the message of the love of God and the unquantifiable benefit inherent in a relation with God.

MOMENT WITH JESUS-This is an annual program embarked upon by EEM, spear headed by Pastor EMMANUEL AND ETTA in a faithful bid to demonstrate the Power of the Almighty God, in heal and supernatural miracles.

This is a Holy GHOST empowered program with a sole posses to deliver the lawful captive and brake the bonds of bondages, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

DINNER WITH JESUS-This is an annual program carried out by EMMANUEL EARTH MINISTRIES, to facilitate the togetherness of relationship especially marriage. This is a program were detail teaching is done on all aspect of relationship under an atmosphere of the love of God, as we wine and dine with Jesus.