Emmanuel Earth Ministry aims to be an International Lighthouse,  We aim to be a multicultural church reaching all the nations of the earth and  committed to bringing the love of Christ to everyone we come into contact with. We are committed to the empowerment and development of everyone who comes through our doors  to share our unique worship experience. Emmanuel Earth Ministry is committed to equipping and sending forth people on missions – fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission according to Matthew 28:19, 20 VISION Our vision is to see a church made up of people from many different backgrounds and nationalities, united with a desire to worship God and love one another, impacting Leeds and the world with the presence and power of God.

We want to develop Spirit-Filled Growth: generation of Christian, with a desire for the propagation of the principles of the Almighty God as exemplified by how the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through:

●Releasing people into their gifts and calling

●Building Relationships

●Effective Teaching and Preaching

●Good Stewardship

●Spirit of Excellence

●Development of integral and competent Leadership

We have a vision to build a City to include the following:

●A sports arena to seat 100,000 people

●An Academy (Secondary School)

●Emmanuel Earth Bible Institute

●Education Centre for mature students

●A Rehabilitation Centre, providing accommodation and a Drop-In Centre

●Media-Centre for our TV and 24-hour Christian Radio Station

●A Skills acquisition centre to provide skills for those who are considered

unemployable by the community e.g. Ex-offenders, etc.

●Senior Citizen Home and Club

●To advise and encourage partners starting small businesses through our business forum

●To establish and empower upcoming, like minded ministries all over the world

To Achieve all this we have a set of various ministries to ensure we reach wide and far touching all members of the community, region, country and worldwide.